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If you are a car enthusiast or own an automotive business, Factory Direct, Inc. can help! We keep a large inventory of automotive products in our warehouse in Schoolcraft, MI. We also offer financing options.

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Common Products Available

A/C Recovery Machines

Ideal for vehicles with air conditioning systems that are dysfunctional. Recovery machines are meant to recover, recycle and recharge vehicle A/C systems.

Robinair AC1234-6

The AC1234-6 is a fully automatic ACS machine with an integrated refrigerant identifier that samples the refrigerant in the vehicle’s A/C system prior to recovery. It’s a highly accurate and reliable machine and can service both standard and hybrid vehicle A/C systems.

Yellow Jacket 37860

Designed to meet today’s tough R-1234yf service standards, the new Yellow Jacket 37860 features a Windows-based control tablet that can be remotely accessed by the factory to provide training and technical support. We can also perform remote diagnostics, including using the tablet to take live video or photographs during the session.

Air Compressors

From residential to commercial use, we have the air compressor that you need. These are ideal for filling tires with compressed air on the go.

Portable - Gas, Diesel, and Electric

Gas & diesel versions are available by Champion. 12 & 24V electric compressors available by Oasis.


Champion offers several different models, including the “Evolution,” “Advantage,” and “Simplex series’. We also carry a “Duplex” version by Champion with two compressors that use the same tank.

Rotary Screw

Simplex and Duplex models are available from Champion. Both run on a single rotary vane.

Air Compressor Accessories

Filters, air dryers, and lubrication are always available!


When your tire is mounted on your rim, you want your wheel to be properly balanced for a smooth ride. A properly balanced wheel will also give your tires a longer lifespan due to even wear.

Digital Display

The less-expensive alternative, made by Mondolfo Ferro. Available in three models. Each model has a convenient tool tray and takes up minimal space.

Video Display

An upgraded version, also made by Mondolfo Ferro, is available in three models. Video display gives you more information about the wheel that you are balancing, but a balancer with the digital display will get the job done sufficiently.

Air Piping Systems

Ideal for the businesses that use compressed air on a daily basis. Air piping systems make it possible to distribute compressed air to numerous locations around your shop using aluminum or steel piping and fittings.

Quick Lock

  • No maintenance required, no welding required.
  • Less contamination in the air stream than black iron.
  • Increased flow rates, reduce pressure loss on large runs.
  • Available in 20/25/32/40 mm diameters.

ADG Pro-Air & Pro-Air Plus

Standard Pro-Air, made from aluminum and is recommended for up to 150 PSI. For users who are expected to use higher PSI levels, it’s best to use the Pro-Air Plus system, which can withstand up to 250 PSI.
The system is available in 15, 22, or 28mm diameters.


Available in all shapes and sizes, benches and toolboxes are essential in an automotive setting. We have a wide selection to choose from, ranging from small benches on wheels to deluxe workstations.


Mobile carts can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Many mechanics use them to hold their tools, car parts, and fluids while working on a vehicle. At Factory Direct, Inc., we have the furniture you need for your mechanic or everyday car enthusiast projects.

Floor Jacks

Floor Jacks are a great way to lift all different types of vehicles so you can work underneath them. They are available with several different weight capacities.


Not only do we carry floor jacks for lifting your vehicle as a whole, but we also have jacks that can lift transmissions and engines. Automotive floor jacks are limited to lifting 5,000 pounds.


For larger vehicles, these floor jacks can lift to 30,000 pounds. Of course, these usually are more expensive but are a must-have when working on large vehicles.

Jack Stands

For the safety of yourself and your employees, jack stands serve as a secondary lift if the floor jack were to fail. It’s standard practice to place them underneath both axles on the end of the vehicle that you’re working on.


Typically, mechanics use lifts to efficiently work underneath cars, trucks, or other miscellaneous large vehicles. Lifts come in various types for all different purposes


These lifts are installed underneath the floor so a vehicle can be pulled right onto it. In-ground lifts are used for quick jobs like oil changes on smaller vehicles.


These lifts are designed for cars that are lower to the ground and are often seldomly used. They’re very simple to use and can lift cars off the ground as low as 5 inches.

2-Post (9k lbs. to 12k lbs.)

These lifts are the most common seen at auto mechanic shops. They make it very simple for mechanics to work underneath vehicles.

2-Post (15k lbs. to 30k lbs.)

These lifts are rated for larger, full-size trucks. It is recommended to have at least one of these in your shop.

4-Post (9k lbs. to 18k lbs.)

These lifts are more convenient for mechanics but certainly take up much more space—ideal for small to full-size trucks. With a 4-post lift, you can drive right onto it and have the vehicle lifted with ease.

4-Post (30k lbs. to 125k lbs.)

Typically found in mechanic shops that work on commercial vehicles, this lift is ideal for lifting firetrucks, ambulances, and school buses.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are the most heavy-duty lifts on the market. They are often found in garages that work on extremely heavy vehicles such as city buses.



Lubrication and oil tanks must be made of a certain material to hold these fluids for long periods. We supply tanks in 275, 330, 500, and 1,000-gallon capacities.


All tanks need pumping systems to get the lube and oil out of the tank. We always keep lubrication pumps in stock.


Handles for lubrication can range from very basic to very complex. We carry a wide variety of handles to suit the needs of each of our customers.

Fluid Inventory Control Systems

Inventory control systems are a must when you are running a business. It’s ideal to know when you are almost out of a certain fluid so that you can order more. These systems are also convenient for tracking the fluid amount you use on a quarterly or yearly basis.

Waste Oil

Old fluids have to go somewhere. Like the tank that holds the new fluids, the old fluids have to be appropriately stored until they can be properly disposed of. We have the waste oil tank that you need.

Exhaust Extraction Systems

Working in a garage with automobiles can be dangerous without the right exhaust extraction system. You don’t want your employees breathing in harmful fumes.

Fixed Drop

This system is installed just beneath the ceiling so that the technician can pull down the extractor from a fixed position.

Movable Drop

Like the fixed drop, this type of exhaust extraction system can be conveniently moved to wherever the technician needs it to be!

Cabinets & Carts

Cabinets & Carts in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Cabinets & Carts
SKU: 90015
Storage Solutions in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Pick Racks
SKU: 90014


Shelving in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Moving Wall Storage Units
SKU: 90018
Shelving in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
SKU: 90016

Tire Storage

Tire Storage Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Tire Storage
SKU: 90054
Shure Manufacturing Corp Storage Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.

Shure Manufacturing Corp
Shure Manufacturing Corporation engineers and manufactures high quality, professional workbenches, tool storage, storage cabinets, transmission benches, technician carts, transaction / service cabinets and various shop equipment.

Tire Changers

It takes an immense amount of force to get an automotive tire onto a rim. We have several options available for every type of wheel and tire combination.

Center Hold Down

Two options are available – Raptor & Tornado, both made by Mondolfo Ferro.

Swing Arm

Also, from Mondolfo Ferro, this tire changer simultaneously positions and locks the head by simply operating a single lever.

Tilt Tower

Add the convenience of a tilt tower to your tire changer! Mondolfo Ferro offers this convenient feature on certain models to make it easier for your mechanics to mount and unmount tires.

Shop Equipment & Tools

Bench Press Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Bench Press
SKU: 12311
Drill Press in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Drill Press 1
SKU: 12341
Floor Press in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Floor Press 1
SKU: 12371
Engine crane in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Engine Crane 2
SKU: 12352
Chain Hoist in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Chain Hoist 2
SKU: 12332
Engine Crane in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Engine Crane 3
SKU: 12353
DB-8000 Pneumatic Strut Compressor in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.

DB-8000 Pneumatic Strut Compressor

Bench Vises 1 in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Bench Vises 1
SKU: 12321
Engine Stand 1
SKU: 12361
shop Grinder in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Shop Grinder 2
SKU: 12382
Engine Stand in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Engine Stand 2
SKU: 12362
bench Vise in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Bench Vises 2
SKU: 12322
Bench Vise in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Bench Vises 3
SKU: 12323
Floor press in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Floor Press 2
SKU: 12372
Chain Hoist 1 in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Chain Hoist 1
SKU: 12331
Engine Crane 1 in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Engine Crane 1
SKU: 12351
Engine Stand in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Floor Press 3
SKU: 12372
Drill Press in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Drill Press 2
SKU: 12342
Engine stand in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Engine Stand 3
SKU: 12363
Floor press in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.
Floor Press 2
SKU: 12373
Mechanical Strut in Schoolcraft, MI | Factory Direct, Inc.

MSC-1000 Mechanical Strut Compressor

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