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Although at Factory Direct, Inc., we ship all across the United States, our employees in Schoolcraft, MI, are happy to provide local automotive equipment installation to the people of Southwest Michigan. Whether you are a car enthusiast or a business owner, not only can we provide you with the equipment you need, we can install it as well.

Services Available

Local Installation

We sell everything from floor jacks to entire storage solutions and everything in-between. If you live in Schoolcraft, MI, and the surrounding areas, we are happy to provide automotive equipment installation to your home or business for all products we sell.

Equipment Repair

What’s an automotive equipment seller and installer without repair abilities? If your equipment needs repair, call us, and we will find a way to bring it back to the condition it was in before. We offer house calls for larger equipment, and for smaller equipment, we prefer that you bring the equipment in.

Equipment Rebuilds

It’s common for automotive equipment to depreciate over time, whether it’s through rust, wear and tear, etc. Our technicians are skilled in rebuilding large equipment like lifts, storage racking, oil tanks, and more.

Live in the Southwest part of Michigan? Schedule a consultation for installation, repair, or rebuilding of equipment today.

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